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Skills & Projects (Abstract)

Objective: At 5 locations of a group of companies, the development of the potential growth with the corresponding action plans in the area of after sales
Measures implemented:

  • Actual recording of the respective local conditions
  • Evaluation of the data and processes determined
  • Develop potential for future with local teams
  • Development of a long-term action plan with the developed growth potentials at the respective sites

Result: After 6 months handing over an action plan to the shareholder, including the actual analysis for 5 company locations

Objective: Sustainable increase in sales and profit in after sales by increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

Measures implemented:

  • Improved customer support in spare parts sales
  • Generating a product portfolio for after sales
  • Building up a repair shop
  • Development of a worldwide after-sales sales
  • Building up of a training and demo center
  • Setting up a 24/7 hotline
  • Harmonization of service conditions
  • Pricing – Price adjustment for spare parts
  • Structure of key figure management (KPI’s)

Result: Higher share of total sales and an average increase of approx. 5-10% per year

Objective: Sustainable increase in sales and profit in after-sales by increasing customer visits and market coverage

Measures implemented:

  • Comparison of internal customer database with the current situation
  • Create a key figure system (KPI’s) to control after sales
  • Building and improving internal support and communication
  • Finding and motivating employees
  • Training, support and motivation of external organisations (subsidiaries and representatives)

Result: Approx. 10% increase in after-sales sales per year

Objective: Increase of machinery and after sales revenue in the respective country

Measures implemented:

  • Establishment of a new sales and service branch in Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Establishment of a new sales and service branch in Vadodara (India)
  • Support for the establishment of an additional service facility in Guangzhou (China)

Result: Up to 50% higher machine and spare parts sales in the respective markets in the first year

Objective: To improve service quality

Measures implemented:

  • Analysis CRM Tools
  • Analysis of a webshop
  • Analysis Augmented Reality
  • Analysis Applications (APP’s)
  • Analysis of digital service products in the area of maintenance

Result: The analysis showed that many of the possibilities identified, at the time of the analysis, did not bring any real benefits and that customers were not yet ready for this technology for the most part. This is changing at the moment and it has been proven that there is greater potential in choosing the right tools in conjunction with the right application.

Over the last 20 years, I have gained experience from a total of 4 different international takeovers.

Objective: Integration of purchased companies into an existing organization

Measures implemented:

  • Harmonization of processes to the customer in machine sales and after sales
  • Harmonization of service conditions with the aim of uniform performance worldwide
  • Exchange best practice – learn from each other
  • De-icing and exploiting possible synergies
  • Better market management with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increase in after-sales sales through better market coverage and an expanded product portfolio

Result: Exceeding the savings and synergy effects set by > 25% each

Objective: To improve market penetration and customer information

Measures implemented:

  • • Organization, management and alignment of:
    • International trade fair appearances in Asia and Europe
    • International symposia in Asia
    • Open House events
    • Local sales and service meetings
    • Opening ceremonies of branches e.g. India
  • Generating brochures for sales and after sales
  • Setting up newsletters for local markets
  • Publications in trade magazines
  • Social media activities

Result: Better market penetration and more customer contacts

Objective: Reducing manufacturing costs to improve competitiveness in India

Measures implemented:

  • Search and qualification of potential suppliers
  • Local assembly
  • Exhibition of the machine at the international trade fair PlastIndia

Result: Exhibition of the machine at the international trade fair PlastIndia, approx. 9 months after the start of the project

Objective: Better market access to increase sales and improved customer loyalty

Measures implemented:

  • Preparation of sales documents
  • Selection of representatives
  • Customer surveys (VOC)
  • Create market strategies for each region
  • Creation of sales tools
  • Create a key figure system (KPI’s) to control sales

Result: Increase in the offer ratio and exceed the sales targets set

Objective: Purchase of a Chinese service company including integration into the own branch in Shanghai and the takeover of the employees and the machine park

Measures implemented:

  • Intensive discussions with the Chinese management
  • Mediation between Western and Asian expectations/ideas/cultures
  • Matching conditions
  • Acquisition
  • Integration of employees into own local branch
  • Information to customers

Result: 100% successful takeover and integration

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