Post Merger Integration

After the acquisition of companies, integration into their own company begins. For most companies, this is the first time they will take this step.

Now it means the companies involved in the best possible to merge and to achieve the hoped-for gain from the new alliance. However, what sounds simple at first glance is ultimately a major challenge for everyone involved.

It all starts with the question of how deeply do I drive integration – do I leave all companies on my own or do I integrate the respective areas 100% into my own company?

Post Merger Integration

In particular, in the planned integration of the acquired company, even if it concerns only central areas, it often requires someone who ultimately leads or coordinates the project. This is usually not a job that can be done by the way.

Many issues not identified in the acquisition are now coming to light in the integration process and need to be managed alongside day-to-day operations. Different corporate cultures collide. The employees of the companies are the biggest asset and must be motivated to help with the integration.

We have undergone several post-merger integration processes and have gained direct and hands-on experience. We also went through learning curves. With our experience, we help you to avoid costly mistakes in the process. In particular, neutral and thus unaffected decisions and recommendations that are free from political internal influences help to find the best and most profitable solution for the company.