Asia still offers many opportunities to expand business in the B2B sector. Expansion can be the opening of new representations or the establishment / expansion of a local branch.

Reasons for frequent on-site staff changes or complaining customers, along with the loss of market share, are difficult to assess and to counteract from the headquarter.

The challenge often lies in the lack of experience and capacity in such situations.

An interim manager with a neutral view and his experience can help to assess the situation and identify possible solutions and, if necessary, implement them accordingly.


Over the past 25 years, we have been able to gather a wide range of practical experience in Asia.

These included, among others:

  • Establishment of a sales and service branch in India
  • Establishment of a sales and service branch in Thailand
  • Support in setting up a service office in China
  • Development of a local assembly including procurement in China
  • Product relocation to China
  • Development of local procurement in India
  • One year as Foreign Director of a branch in Malaysia
  • Five years active sales of machinery in Asia
  • Selection of local representatives
  • Recruitment of local staff
  • Due diligence with an Indian supplier
  • Purchase and integration of a Chinese service company