If your operational key performance indicators show potential for improvement, then it is important for a company to react quickly and accurately. Falling margins, bad or unsatisfactory delivery times for the customer, adherence to deadlines, high complaint rates, and and and … are no coincidence.

Rarely do we have to do with individual reasons for the misery, often it is basic structural, personal as well as internal as well as market technical reasons. Especially rapidly changing markets require a fast reacting agile organization that is flexible and responsive, from the corporate strategy to the cost structure, especially in the operational areas.

We support you and your company with our expertise and our expertise. In difficult business situations, we work out solutions for your problem quickly, reliably, objectively and independently.


With our expertise we can help you e.g. for the following tasks and questions:

  • Temporary remedy for personnel bottlenecks as an interim manager
  • Execution of the due diligence for the operational area within the scope of company sales or company purchases
  • Development and implementation of the appropriate production strategy as part of the corporate strategy
  • Production projects: Restructuring, investment preparation, productivity increase (Lean, Six Sigma, CIP, Kaizen), flexibilization, relocation of production to best cost countries and target markets
  • Support with make or buy decisions and realization
  • Reorganization of the purchasing structure, supplier structure and the entire supply chain · Optimization of warehousing for international companies
  • Optimization of warehousing for international companies
  • Business Process Management
  • Development and implementation of QM systems taking into account product-related quality requirements (eg pressure vessels)
  • Existing quality problems with products and processes are systematically addressed and resolved

Within the framework of our network, we can also offer this task in an interdisciplinary framework in order to be able to work out the most optimal problem solutions for you quickly and reliably.