Setup of a functional after sales

In many companies, the potential of after sales is still not fully exploited today. This is all the more surprising because this area is usually the most profitable sector of ​​a company. The prerequisite for increasing sales in this business area is the establishment of a corresponding product portfolio combined with active marketing.

We help you to analyze the added value of effective after sales management, to plan its implementation, to implement it in your processes, to actively and profitably engage in after sales dialogue with your customers. Professional and active customer support not only has a major impact on after sales, but also has a positive impact on new machine sales while keeping market entrants at bay.

After Sales

Why after sales management?

Satisfied customers …
… buy from you again!
… talk about you and recommend you!

Repurchases and additional purchases by satisfied customers.
Less effort for new customer acquisition.

Sustainable revenue growth usually does not come without additional investment.
How and where to invest accordingly?
When do such investments pay off or what advantage do they bring?

We support and advise you here with our practical experience.

How do we support your after sales management?

Especially with the view through their own corporate goggles, many decision-makers find it difficult to select and implement the most effective measures from the multitude of possibilities. The risk of getting bogged down or remaining in retracted structures is high.

An independent consultant analyzes neutrally the circumstances and the resulting potential.

Together we want to take these steps with you:

How much money do you leave behind today?
How can you generate more revenue through effective after sales management?

What kind of support do your customers expect, going beyond the conclusion of the contract?
Are your customers willing to pay for a “more” service?

How active and successful do your competitors do after sales management?
What can you learn from it and what can you do better?

What after sales measures do you really need?
How do these measures fit into your processes?

How do you implement your after sales management internally?
How do you involve your managers and employees in the process?