Many companies can not imagine using an interim manager or external sales consultant. After all, sales is the face and the interface to the customer.

That’s why the sales department should be as efficient and powerful as possible. For vacancy bridging or to get new ideas it makes sense to be open here. External views and expertise allow sales to be reviewed every day for potential improvements.

In particular, the working methods and ideas from other industries can be helpful here to expand its lead over the competition. Times change.

Have you adapted to the new challenges?

When did you question your processes for the last time to be even more powerful and innovative than the competition?


Are you aware of these points:

Because it’s the easiest excuse.

We can actively support you in the implementation of your goals with our many years of international experience.

Thinking outside of the box! New ideas from external managers can help to find new approaches and to break new ground and thus leave old trampoline paths.

A neutral and free of prejudices of external managers with systematic approaches.

With more than 20 years of international sales in mechanical and plant engineering and in various industries, we are your sparring partner. We will show you new ways with the aim of opening up new horizons.