Advisory Board and Supervisory Board

External advisory board members will assist you as an independent advisor in the ever faster and more complex business environment with your know-how at your disposal. They support you with your experience in exceptional situations such as corporate acquisitions or the development or expansion of business fields.

The involvement of an experienced, competent and independent guide to support is often incessant in order to remain competitive in the long term. Especially with the increasing globalization and increased international competitive pressure, the external council is a helpful way to get faster and to avoid wrong decisions.

In many companies, one is always looking for new ideas to expand the business. New ideas from the outside often do not come through, because you usually do not know other industries and their details and environment.

Advisory Board and Supervisory Board

Often also missing details about new ideas to recognize the value for your own company. In particular, investors often lack the detailed knowledge for the individual areas and their potentials of the acquired companies.

For this purpose, we can offer you the following support as an advisory board or supervisory board as follows:

  • We help with our experience from different industries to offer you a neutral view at eye level
  • Our external view is free of internal political views and networks
  • We act as an intermediary in the event of possible conflicts between companies or between families in owner-managed companies, for example
  • We help you with new impulses and constructive ideas to advance your business and to analyze existing situations independently and impartially
  • We advise you on the evaluation of new business ideas and can give you valuable support regarding the implementation from a professional point of view
  • We give thought impulses to initiate new processes
  • We support expansion plans nationally as well as internationally
  • We are the sparring partner on an equal footing
  • We offer specific or long-term strategic advice

Our advantage is the long-term and active practical experience, which helps our customers to have their own ideas but also those of your employees viewed from a different perspective.

The neutral external assessment of the respective situation in order to identify possible potentials or dangers at an early stage and thus minimize possible avoidable costs and delays in projects.