The expansion or growth of a company can be multi-layered and thus stored differently in every company. An expansion can then look like this:

  • Horizontal or vertical integration (merger & acquisition, joint venture)
  • Selling higher quantities of a product
  • Extension of the product range
  • Construction or development of individual internal areas
  • Opening of new branches for sales, service or local production at home or abroad
    • Opening up new markets
    • Merger & Acquisition
    • Joint Venture

Each process of expansion typically begins with the vision and goal setting for a time horizon typically of 3 to 5 years. Thereafter, the development of a strategy is carried out with the evaluation of the possibilities and steps to realize the vision combined with the open estimation of the own strengths and weaknesses.

Many things that may be self-evident to you today are often different in other cultures. When you expand abroad, you are usually confronted with new challenges that you are often limitedly prepared for. For typically singular events such as expansion, it takes resources (both financially and personally), experience, and support to successfully implement this project.

In particular, the advance planning with the necessary cost estimation is of great importance, since the neglect of certain cost drivers makes a project an unmanageable risk.

With our experience in sales, after sales, operations management and supply chain management, combined with the practical experience from various managed expansion projects, we can assure you of a holistic support.

Various expansion projects carried out:

  • Establishment of a 24/7 hotline
  • Construction of Training and Democenter
  • Establishment of a sales and service office in India
  • Establishment of a sales and service branch in Thailand
  • Support in setting up a service office in China
  • Construction of an internal repair workshop for machines and components
  • Partial localization of a machine in India
  • Expansion of a representative network
  • Expansion of service sales
  • Product relocation to Best Cost Countries with operational and supply chain building
  • Development and implementation of a strategy to be able to successfully market one’s own products in a highly competitive Chinese market in one market segment
  • Strategic expansion of the supply chain to Eastern Europe, China and India
  • Value engineering / analysis for a strategically important core product